Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women

The Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women (FAAW) is a national, independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to enable women, living and working in rural communities in Australia, access to leadership training and experience.

The intent of this mission is to increase the voice and presence of women as leaders of influence within industry, business, councils, community and family. FAAW is one of the seven recognized national non-government rural women’s organizations, which form the National Rural Women’s Coalition.

foundation-for-womenFAAW was established in 1995 and aims not to be the voice of rural and regional Agricultural women but to provide resources to assist women as leaders. The Foundation works collaboratively with a large community of women across Australia who are involved or interested in rural and agricultural industry.

FAAW sees leadership as the capacity to influence and if we are to influence this must come from a well-informed position. FAAW consults widely and partners individuals, business, government and other non-government organizations in the provision of resources of benefit to rural women’s leadership.

The Foundation has game cheats successfully attracted two substantial grants in 2009 that will allow it to engage with and provide quality resources for women rural and regional leaders. We are currently developing a second tele-learning series which will be delivered in 2009, with a third to be delivered in 2010.

We are also building and facilitating several high-tech communication portals that will enable regional and rural women leaders greater access to the latest information wartrol™, innovation, creativity and discussion through a new website and soon to be developed online forum, library, innovation ideas lab, and commercial image gallery.

Many of these initiatives will be the first of their kind in Australia, especially for our sector.

We encourage women who work or live in regional or rural Australia and those involved with or interested in the future of agriculture, to register with us, it’s free.

FAAW employs a Communications Officer who is the Foundation’s first point of contact.


Enabling women to engage In creative play, to turn creativity into innovation processing and to advance their leadership effecting and directing change.

Gain and Share Information about Leadership and Change
Adapt Information for Change Processing in Rural/Regional Communities
Co-Design and Apply Innovation Systems for Change
Co-Establish an Incubator Investment Service to Support and Drive
Innovation to Commercialization Outcomes with Women in Leadership

Key to the Delivery of these Services is the Foundation’s Interactive Library for New Knowledge Creation and Implementation.

The Foundation’s Global Links Library

The Library offers three gateways to information researched and delivered through Foundation programs in topics of interest to women in leadership of communities and industries within and out of rural and regional Australia.

  • Reading Room

Electronic Gateway to preferred and recommend information through delivery systems at global, international, national, state, regional and industry levels.

  • Resource Room

Monitored gateway to research documents, research in progress, speakers notes, and illustrations, power points, portfolio, etc.

  • Reference Room

Sponsored links to corporate and private consulting information release sites on 30-50 areas of expertise.

The Foundation’s Forum

The Forum enables three levels of program delivery on topics of request;

  • The Open Forum – speakers presentation open to public
  • The Special Topics Forum – by registration
  • The Innovation Forum – by invitation only.

The Foundation’s Chat Rooms/Corridors

As interactive discourse centers, the roblox cheats Foundation’s Chat Rooms and Corridors both inform the Foundation of interests of women in leadership and development in rural and regional areas of Australia and offer opportunities for women to engage with Free Robux each other and with speakers delivering seminars in leadership, innovation, communication and other topics of request. The seminars may be delivered by tel-link, in conferences and through webcam.

  • Chat Room/Corridor- open to public for information and polling views
  • Delivery of interactive seminars
  • Chat Room attached to Forum programs
  • By invitation research, innovation projects.

Creativity to Innovation Labs

The Labs are organized to operate independently or to link as individuals request opportunities to hear, to share, to refine, to build or to commercialism ideas;

  • Creative Play
  • Brainstorming
  • Idea into concept processing (innovation)
  • Refining/packaging for markets, galleries, exhibitions
  • Preparing for incubation and investors
  • Globally adapt markets

Foundation’s Gallery and Shopping

The Foundation will host online galleries, exhibition centers and bookstores featuring outcomes of research, seminars, the innovation center and independent products/services/technologies developed by, with and for women in leadership in rural and black toenail fungus regional communities within and outreach beyond Australia. The Foundation hosts an IP security system and supports enterprise building and outcomes through a financial transaction service center.